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Sunday, May 03, 2015

A Clean Reset Challenge (AKA This Girl Has Gone Crazy) & Sunday Workout

So I may be a little too dramatic about it.

Today is the start of the Clean Eating Challenge at Collar City Crossfit. For the next six weeks I and my fellow crossfitters will be eating according to the paleo guidelines and evaluated on our results on certain exercises - push press, hang power clean, and burpees. Decreases in times gets you points in the strength part of the challenge. As for the nutrition side, meals that follow the guidelines get you zero points, cheat meals are 2. Alcohol (which is forbidden) is a point a drink. So if I really needed a beer in the next six weeks, I just have to rock one of the workouts. Sounds simple, yes?

There are no weigh-ins or picture taking, but I guess I could take one now and then again in six weeks. Body measurements were done, and here are my starting numbers:

Right Arm - 12 1/8 inches
Chest - 32 1/8 inches
Waist - 32 inches
Hips - 42 2/8 inches
Right Thigh - 25 4/8 inches


Eating wise, I've been doing alright today. Drinking seltzer and water, and for food it's just been veggies I'm trying to eat up before I shop for the week. I have copies of Practical Paleo and 21DSD which I can take recipes from. I may purchase another book, but who knows.

Onto today's workout


3 rounds for time

800m run
7 deadlifts @ 95
10 burpee jump ups
14 kettle bell thrusters (7 per arm) @ 10?
20 box jumps/step ups

Results - 32:12

Not too bad for my first hero wod. There was only one other girl doing the workout today so we ran together for the running part. More like jogs with intermittent walking sessions. The coach for this workout suggested I go a little lighter since it was my first one and it made all the difference. I readily admit I should have gone a little heavier on the DLs, but better to err on the lighter side of things. The thrusters weren't bad, but the size of the KB made it difficult to keep close to my body.

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