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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Even Turning the Faucet On Costs Money

So I'm here at work, doing the work thing when a co-worker started talking about her most recent visit to Clinton's Ditch in Schenectady. She was out with friends for a meal, and they asked for just water. Not all of them, one also asked for a soda. So four waters and a soda to be exact. When they got the bill, they were shocked that CD had charged $1.50 for water. Fifty cents each for the three that just had water. The person who ordered the soda along with their water was not charged. They talked to the manager/person in charge and he took it off their bill, but told them that the restaurant's policy was to charge for water. Something to do with people buying a small item with water and sitting there for hours. Whatever, it's sounds silly to me. But it's their business, they can run it however they want.

One of co-workers friends e-mailed CD about the incident and the response was... not very business like. I'm waiting for her to send me a copy of the response but basically the writer had said something along the lines of "lemons cost money... straws cost money... we have to pay Schenectady for water... washing glasses costs money." It infuriated my co-worker enough to respond to that response and I believe that e-mail may be circulating on facebook. Or Yelp. Hey, I mentioned it here... not that anyone is reading this.

I doubt they will be going back soon. If ever.

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