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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Coffee Run

Yeah, so I took a screenshot of my Instagram feed. But I hit up Fairway Market, my go-to coffee shop. They must have roasted recently because man oh man... ever so fragrant. I have been living on Trader Joe's coffee, which is fine. It just isn't the same. Look at their layout. All those beans!

The guy who ground my coffee thought I bought too much, but he doesn't know just how important coffee is to me. Tell me what you think, was this too much?

All were ground at setting 13 (percolator/urn/French press)

1 pound Mocha Java (M's favorite, medium body)
1 pound Brooklyn (my favorite, low acidity)
0.5 pound French Roast (because why not)

There were a few others I wanted to try, but I am supposed to be back next weekend. So I can wait. I didn't even buy cheese... what is wrong with me?!?

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Daniel B. said...

The question is how long will it take you to go through those 2.5# of coffee? If it's longer than a week, you may have gotten too much. But I overbuy things all. the. effin. time.

It's so hard when there is so much good stuff and it may be a while until you can return.

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