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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Hostess with the Mostest?

Or not.

M and I have been hospitable of sorts - last week his friend stayed and "helped" with the kitchen; this week his brother and family are visiting New York for the first time ever. I used those quotation marks because what we were left with may or may not have set us back. She did a lot while the two of us worked, which was great, but... hmmm. I guess the best way to explain it without hurting too many feelings is "no... really means no."

The first two rounds of floor leveler did the trick. The third round of fill-ins were not necessary. It doesn't show up well, but the floor is no longer level, and we have to get diamond file/ diamond something and grind it down. So the inexpensive kitchen remodel just became expensive.

Luckily, M's brother does stone work for a living. I hope he has mercy and helps us out. 

Since this is their first time visiting the Empire State, I figured they should be exposed to as much NY-centric stuff as possible. My part is almost all food related. Last night we grilled up mini hot dogs from Helmbold's. Tonight we got dessert from The Snowman. For all the food talk I do (and if you know me offline, you know it's almost all I talk about), I'm at a loss for where to take them next. Mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce? Food stores? They're not really into the exotic, only M's nephew dated to have any calamari. They'll be gone before the weekend farmers markets... maybe order a cob style pizza?

Help me Capital Region foodies... you're my only hope.


Albany Jane said...

Trying to squeeze in as much of the cap reg in a little amount of time is tough. Plus you have to know your market, and what they'd like (i.e. my dad would go to Ala Shanghai or Taiwan Noodle for every meal he's in town).

DeFazio's for pizza & pasta! Oooh, or the lunch buffet at Bacchus. Cheap & delicious.
Pierogie's from Euro Deli
Placid Baker bread
Fin for some way fresh seafood? And maybe lunch?
Walk around Washington Park, get some Cheescake from Cheesecake Machismo, or dessert from Crisan?
Cider tasting @ Nine Pin?

Daniel B. said...

Fish Fry al fresco at Gene's.
Gus's (don't forget the sausage sandwich with peppers and onions).
Ooh. Pirates Lakeside Grill is beautiful - $5 grassfed burger & Tilldale pork hotdogs.
I'd skip COB pizza, but you could do a Ruck / Ale House wing night.

Unknown said...

Mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce. I'm so proud of the capital region for having that in their culture.

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