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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keeping With the Trends

The warmer temps have everyone going iced coffee crazy. Well, include me in that bunch as I am enjoying an extra large helping. I've written about it before, so I won't say too much other than I am putting my percolator aside for the French press. I've used the other method, mixing the coffee grounds and water in a pot and setting aside, but that is more mess than my small, mid-renovation kitchen can handle at the moment. 

Because of the finer grind, I only let this sit for about eight hours. To ensure the brew would be grit free,  I poured it through a small cone filter I bought earlier this year (I can't recall why I purchased it, but it was most likely for this reason!)

Sure, I could have used my Fairway coffee, but this Seattle's best has been taking up space for too long... I would rather use it up this way. It's slightly bitter, but has nice chocolate notes. Or I may still be tasting the chocolate I ate earlier.

Either way, this won't last long in the house. Guess I'll have to make more!

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