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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A New Way to Shop


So it was just announced that CDCG would dive into online produce sales. I'm not too familiar with Farmie Market, but the fact that it is still around must mean it's doing well. And Field Goods has grown tremendously since I started (and stopped) purchasing produce from them. CDCG is tagging theirs as the "Virtual Veggie Mobile. " In a press release regarding the VVM, they state that "CDCG projects to double the number of people their food access programs serve and triple the amount of fresh food they are distributing in the Capital Region. Continuing their effort to increase the presence of farmer’s market quality food in low-income neighborhoods."

Sounds great, right? So I checked out the website, and decided to sign up. 

Guess what... it's not for "individual retail," as it was described in their response to my creating an account. I guess I'm not the clientele they're aiming for.

So if you are a school, child care center, group home, hospital, restaurant, or corner shop... you'll have better luck than I did. 

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