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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How I Got Through a Birthday Tour


Well, another birthday has come and gone and I have lived to tell the tale. It was plenty of fun, and only ended up with just a slight headache the following morning. Here are some tips if you’re thinking about doing this for your birthday.


The Olde English

  • Make reservations, especially if you’re planning on celebrating on a Friday. The place was PACKED! I’m sure there were people that I invited that took one look at the crowd and left. M and I managed to get a spot at the end of the bar.
  • $40.00 deposit for the teacup, your choice of Magner’s Cider or a lager (this visit it was Heineken). If you get the cider, they will add ice to it.
  • Ask for another glass (or glasses). You may get a funny look, but if you’re sharing this is nicer… and no group back wash!


Wolff’s Beirgarden

  • $40.00 deposit plus you have to spend an additional $20.
  • Don’t forget to ask for more glasses!


  • Get a big mug of water. You may get teased, but you’ll thank yourself the next day.
  • Fried anything at Wolff’s is a winner. We got twenty bucks worth of food, well worth it considering that was probably my first real meal all day (cake at work is not filling… no matter what they tell you).



  • Your birthday slice is really two slices… plenty for sharing.


Nine Pin

Okay, so it’s not technically on the birthday tour, but it’s in the area. And I really like their cider.



  • If you ask for your margarita to be frozen, it’s an $8.00 charge.
  • The Troy Bombers ran out of shirts, so make sure the manager makes a note on your card so you can get one from another location.
  • And thank you to whichever table that bought us shots.

And that’s how I celebrated my birthday. I think next year I’ll take it easy and just stay at one place for the night.

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