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Sunday, March 02, 2014

A Chilly Walk


Winter has been going on… FOREVER. It seems like it anyways. On a warm weekend morning, M and I thought it would be nice to go for a walk with the pup. She’s been cooped up inside and besides, we need to get her used to leash walking.

It may be a different story now, but when we went, the trail along the Hudson in Watervliet was not cleared off. Hasn’t stopped people from using the trail, but the freezing and melting made it pretty difficult to walk on. There was lots of slush, and under that slush ICE COLD PUDDLES. And of course I wore my sneakers.


Stella was pretty decent on the leash, but the cars and trucks whizzing by on 787 scared her a bit. I took that picture at the point where she refused to go any further. Fine by me since my socks were soaked. M was crazy enough to go running on that trail. And no sooner did he run by did Stella decide she was going to run back to the car… with me lagging behind trying to avoid the puddles and poop piles.

Pick up after your dogs people. Sheesh.


Stell’s paws were pretty muddy from the walk/run, but M’s shirt cleaned up all of that. My car interior was saved.

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