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Monday, January 06, 2014

Breakfast Fried Rice

I had just whipped up this dish and doled them out into our dishes when M asked the question that's been on my mind lately.
"So... what about your blog?"
Yes, what about it? The old me would have been snapping pictures the whole time. Current me wasn't even thinking about it. So I went to the other room to get my phone and took this. No overthinking it, just took the picture.
This has happened before, the lost of interest. Life gets in the way... the process of combining photos and words into something worth posting has turned into this tedious thing and nowadays I don't want that. I have been both very busy and very lazy. The busy I can't always control, but the lazy I definitely can. So I'm making the effort now... call it one of my resolutions for the year. Even if I'm writing for no one else but myself, at least I'm doing something.
So, this is what I made for breakfast yesterday. I had leftover white rice from one of my more recent take out orders, and black rice I cooked up the night before to accompany the disastarous pollock dish I made for dinner (apparently the house still smells like fish... and so does my jacket. Sorry co-workers). Heated up a frying pan with sesame oil and threw in some chopped garlic (about 6 cloves). Cooked one medium heat until it started to brown and added the rice. Tossed well to distribute the garlic, and prevent it from burning. Splash of Maggi, generous sprinkle of black pepper, and a hanful of chopped scallions. I was thinking about adding some egg, but I didn't think it needed anymore filler. M disagrees, but eh. He should cook it next time.

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