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Thursday, November 07, 2013

TT 2013 Training Days 1 & 2

If you've signed up for the Turkey Trot, congrats and I'll see you at the starting line. For those who haven't, you still have time... but the registration price has gone up.

Training Day 1

So after running the Arsenal City 5k, I pretty much stopped running. Not completely... I ran here and there, but I didn't have as rigorous a schedule as before. I upped my treadmill running (which sucks) as the temps started to drop. But last week M and I decided to go out for a quick run. Same trail we usually run. He did his normal sprint, I did my usual walk/run but I gave myself 38 minutes to complete a 5k. That's about the time I had for the AC 5K.

It was rough, shins hurting and cold air stinging my face. I came up short on this run - 2.65 miles in 38 minutes. Close, but not a good time. Just finishing would be fine, but M has it in his head that times are everything so I have to beat my times blah blah blah.

Training Day 2

M has apparently been running every day. Good for him, but that's gotta be killing his knees. I however haven't been running. I've been speed walking on the treadmill, but I've been more focused on my cardio workouts. On this run, I gave myself the same amount of time, but instead of alternating runs and walks, I jogged the whole distance. Comfortable pace, was able to hold a conversation with M while jogging. I was able to convince him to slow it down a bit, and he admitted it wasn't bad! He even talked about running a 10k... which I am sure he can do, but the TT would be pointless, since you just run it twice. We still ended up short - 2.84 miles. Getting there.

I've got vacation coming up, which means I have more time to get those runs in. I need to find places here with indoor tracks. The only places I know are at the colleges - UAlbany, RPI, HVCC. Not nearby and not really open to the public. I should run outside since I will have to on race day... but eh..... it's so cold.

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