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Monday, October 28, 2013

Turkey Trot 2013

So the Turkey Trot is exactly one month away.


Meh... I don't think I am. But I will be running it. I still need to sign up, along with M. We had discussed with our neighbors we would do costumes. I suppose we should talk about it again if this is definitely going to happen.

And if it is, I should probably start running. I haven't done any proper training since the Arsenal City run... which I never wrote about, did I? Tack that onto my growing list of things to do.

So here is my question to you, dear readers - will you be running the Trot next month? What is your training plan?

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Jon in Albany said...

I've really slacked off on my jogging too. I'd like to join you but we host Thanksgiving so I'll be in the kitchen when the race starts. Albany's Last Run sounds like a good time but I'm not sure I could make that one either.

For training, I'd go 5k two, maybe 3, times a week, walking when I needed a break. Eventually it would be all jogging.

I should start jogging again. Maybe once we're settled in the new house.

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