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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Field Goods 2013 Week #2


Just when I thought I was done with the frozen vegetables, I got green beans and cauliflower from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing. If anything can be said about my eating habits since signing up with Field Goods, it’s that my vegetable consumption has gone through the roof. Straight through… sky high.


Salad greens! Half a pound of it, and it’s keeping remarkably well in just the plastic bag. Definitely will take this over the store bought stuff… seems hardier. If that means anything. Organic, from Pleasant Valley Farm.


Swiss Chard from Barber Farm. Organic, and I got half a pound. Will probably end up just sautéing it.


Two pounds of Empire apples from Migliorelli Farm. Oh boy… if I eat these apples I will turn into an apple. Seriously. It’s applesauce from here on out, folks!


Two pounds each of Adirondack Blue and Red Skin potatoes from Rexcroft Farm. I bought some leeks so potato leek soup is in my future. And then there is your traditional roasted potatoes. Toss in a bit of oil, with some salt and pepper.

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