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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Field Goods 2013 Growing Season


Last week was the official start to Field Goods 2013 season. Seems a bit odd that their season starts in April, but then again they run just about all year. I actually have more thoughts on this company, but I figured for now I would share with you what I got in my bag. I get the standard share, which should feed about 2 people… or just me.

Week #1


Frozen corn and flat beans from Migliorelli Farm. The end of last season I got a lot of frozen vegetables. Mostly green beans, corn, and kale – which I appreciate… but I wouldn’t have minded a little more variety. According to this week’s email, there shouldn’t be any more (which my freezer would appreciate).


Living Greens Microgreen Medley. Along with the frozen vegetables, another one that I got repeatedly at the end of last season. They’re great, but it was turning into too much. I ended up using it as a topping when I made soba noodles. I think they would be more ideal to go into sandwiches, but I’m not really a sandwich person.


~ 10 oz. of shiitake mushrooms from Bulich Farm. This one threw me for a loop because I don’t cook often with mushrooms… and when I do it’s usually white or portabella mushrooms. I’m used to dried shiitakes, and those I’m only okay with. They just have a weird taste to me. I threw them into some fried rice I made tonight, but something about the smell made me not want to eat it. Oh well… M has lunch now.


2 pounds of kholrabi from Migliorelli Farm. I grew this summer last year but never actually harvested it. I got some in past vegetable share but kinda… forgot about it. And so it started to grow. And now it’s in the raised beds. But these will be used. How… not a clue. I’m thinking salad. Maybe a slaw?


2.25 pounds of fuji apples from Migliorelli’s. I got apples a lot last season. Which was fine at first, because I love me some apples. But there’s a difference when you eat an apple in season… and one way out of it. It’s still good, mind you. But it just isn’t the same. Last time I went downstate I bought a bag full of them so my sister could make something with them. Hopefully she remembered.

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