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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AOA 5.0


All Over Albany had their birthday bash last Thursday over at City Beer Hall, and I was lucky enough to score a ticket!


The good thing about these parties is that you get to meet people that write for AOA, are featured on there, or regularly comment on the site. There were definitely people I recognized – Duncan Crary for example – who I’d like to apologize to for my babbling of my frustrations with Troy. I blame the Captain Lawrence for acting as a truth serum of sorts. And I probably did the same to AOA Greg and Jon in Albany. My bad guys.


The ever present cupcakes. I practiced plenty of restraint and only had one. And to my knowledge, there was no cupcake thefts.

Okay, well maybe one…


On my way out I did grab the last cupcake on the tray nearest to me. And it just happened to have the 5 on it. But it was for a good cause, I swear! M never gets to participate in these events, so a little treat for him. We lit it and everything… and then a house centipede crawled over it and M killed it with some junk mail right on the candle, and then threw it out. Who wants a candle with bug guts? Not me.

Anyways, happy birthday AOA!


Jon in Albany said...

I had a great, babble-free time. I might have a slightly used 6 candle for next year.

Duncan Crary said...

No worries. I had fun talkin' to you. Hey, you know, I did a podcast with James Howard Kunstler a few years ago where we walked around your neighborhood with Billie Jean. Talked to some of the folks up to good stuff. (Talked about the good and the bad.) You might like it.

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