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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A New Restaurant for North Troy


If you're familiar with North Troy, then you would have seen that the empty store front with the bare awning frame across the Old Judge Mansion B&B has recently been occupied. What was the dead giveaway? How about the paper up on the windows, the exterior painted a bold orange, and perhaps the sign that says that a restaurant will soon be opening up?

The restaurant that will be opening there on the corner of 6th and Glen Avenue is Hot Spot Jamaican American Cuisine. They have another restaurant on Central Avenue in Albany. A quick look at reviews on Yelp showed that people think it's okay, but their chicken is a bit dry. Hmm. But they must be doing well enough for them to consider opening up a place on the other side of the river.

But hey... Troy is the "in" city at the moment. What I like so far is that something is opening up in an area other than downtown. Wax poetic about all these downtown things, but one area does not a city make. You want me to actually say Troy is getting better? Then show me - invest in the other areas of the city. With the opening of this restaurant, it looks like people actually are. There is no guarantee it will make it, but hopefully it's the gateway to really improving the neighborhood.

Okay, off my soapbox.

I'll let you know when this place opens.

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