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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Soft Serve Chronicles: Jim’s Tastee Freez (Delmar, NY)


It’s no secret my love of soft ice cream runs deep. Yes, ice creams of a firmer nature are just as good (if not better) as their more flexible counterparts, but they are like night and day. Hard ice cream is served in dishes, soft serve belongs in edible cones. It’s the nature of the beast.


Not necessarily comfortable ice cream eating weather, but hey… that is what your car is for. Or house. Or an indoor eating establishment. M was down in New Jersey for work and I picked him up when he got back into town. Since we were already in Albany, I figured we'd head down Delaware Avenue and check things out. I was thinking about going to All Good Bakers, but they were already closed (and with their hours, I will probably never get to go).

Instead of turning around I kept driving, and next thing I knew I was in Delmar. And hello! Jim's was open. M thought I was crazy to get one, but it's going to be a while before I head back that way... and who knows if I'm going to want to get another one from there. On a side note, there's a laundry place next door to Jim's - so while the clothes are going through the spin cycle, you can have yourself a sundae.

Saw what I did there?


Got myself a regular vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles ($3.25). Smaller than the one I got from the Snowman, but tastes just the same. Had some sprinkle fallout, this ice cream seemed to melt quicker than normal.

They serve chili dogs, which I would love to try, if it weren't for this whole no eating meat thing. Alright then, I've found my reason to go back. You have been warned.

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BakingSuit said...

Love Jims! That laundromat was my old place when I lived down there...

Give the soft serve another chance, it used to hold up pretty well. And the cherry dip is my favorite.

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