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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Spiffy Ramen


I went to Mitsuwa and didn’t order any ramen from the food court. Obviously because of the no meat thing, but also because I went there during one of their crowd packing festivals, and the line for the ramen was out the door. And I didn’t have cash on me. But they had instant ramen on sale in the market – 5 packs for $2.99! Almost unheard of this brand, which of course I can’t tell you because it’s in Japanese and my Japanese is pretty rusty.

I should have bought more… bah! Anyways, I made M and myself a nice vegetarian version. Used the miso flavored packs and boiled some eggs while I picked over what vegetables were left in the fridge. I settled on pea shoots from my weekly vegetable share and chopped scallions. Simple. The ramen came with not only the soup base, but a topping as well. For the miso it’s the red pepper which I love. I added more to my soup from my own supply.

Ah… so good. Good enough for me to borrow from the library “Ramen to the Rescue.” Love e-books – will never have a late fee again.

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