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Thursday, March 07, 2013

No, Not a Burger


Recently at work it was make-your-own-burger day in the cafeteria. Usually I’m pretty amped about MYOB, but given the Lenten season I am stuck with the sole option of a gardenburger. Resigned to this reality, I went over and asked for said gardenburger with cheddar and fried onion straws.

“We don’t have gardenburgers today.”


“Uh… uh… what am I supposed to get then?” There really weren’t other options – the soup had meat in it and the sandwich du jour was a meaty one.


So I ended up looping the islands of the cafeteria a few times. Looking, but not really looking. I grabbed a plate and piled it high with salad greens and toppings. Then I remembered the tuna fish salad. It’s not too bad, but the quality changes from day to day. Took a chance, and grabbed a hard roll.

In the end, it wasn’t too bad. And it was slightly cheaper than had I asked them to make it for me.

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