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Sunday, March 03, 2013

My New Lens


I got my camera a new lens. Well, new-old lens, considering it’s a used one from who knows when. I’ve been using the kit lens and really have had no complaints, but just like my foodie presence in this area, I have been feeling out of step. Lenses with big aperture means it can handle picture taking in low light… not necessarily something I do often, but I would like the pictures to come out well.

I found this on ebay for just under 40 bucks. Shipping took less than a week and good golly I’ve been camera happy.


I like how it gives pictures that nice blur around the edges, and the focus nice and sharp. It’s all the rage these days. And the light in the kitchen isn’t the brightest, but it snapped quickly. I suppose that’s what they call them fast primes? Eh, not really caught up with the lingo.


It’s a work in progress. Because it’s an older lens, I have to work on manual. And for some reason the only setting I can use is the aperture priority. If there was a camera knowledgeable person out there who could help and maybe show me how to take a picture… I’m game. 

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