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Sunday, February 17, 2013

King Cakes and Gumbo


What a busy week this one was, eh? CNY on Sunday, followed two days later by Fat Tuesday, with Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day following right afterwards. I am sure there are many out there with thinner wallets after all that.

Moving on.

Albany Jane threw a little shindig on Tuesday, inviting a few friends over for drinks and a HUGE pot of gumbo. I didn’t want to arrive at the party empty handed, so I picked up dessert from Bella Napoli. I got some treats for me as well, but the cake was all for sharing.


So traditionally the baby is baked into the cake but I guess the risk of choking on that baby is too high. So they just throw it on top. Lame. Perhaps people should learn to actually chew their food, instead of swallowing it whole. I didn’t know you could get these cakes in different flavors. I always imagined it just being a big ol’ cinnamon roll with colorful icing. And beads. And a naked inedible baby.


Gumbo! Very hearty, and the sausage was spicier than I was expecting. It was a bit of a sniffle inducer, but it didn’t stop me from finishing the bowl. There were some other nibbles that I didn’t take pictures of – the homemade donut holes someone brought, and toasties with smoked salmon. Ahh… thinking about it all is making me hungry.

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Albany Jane said...

Thanks for bringing cake! Maybe next time you come over I'll hide random toys in your food. ;)

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