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Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Papa John's Does Square

Before I go any further, let me say my involvement with this pizza was picking it up and having a slice or two while making my own dinner. Any exasperated reactions please direct to M.

So last weekend Papa John's had a contest to pick which side won on the coin toss. If you guessed correctly, you won a free pizza. At M's urging, I went and voted. Once. M voted much more than that... and won't tell me how many exactly. Anyways, he guessed right on a bunch of them... so free pizza for us.


M called me after volunteering and asked me to help him order our free pizza. Which topping? Mushroom. Regular or crispy crust? Regular. Extra sauce or no sauce? Are you kidding? Regular cut or square? Hmmm... square I guess.

Picked up the pizza and endured an extremely warm ride back home (gotta keep that pizza warm). Opened up the box and that is what we saw - a round pizza cut into a bunch of small slices. Square slices. Not what I expected... I thought it would be a square pie, something new PPJs was trying out. A nod to the local pizza style if you will. 

That is what I get for expecting too much out of them. Dreams dashed, a hard cold reality slap in the face.

And the garlic dipping sauce didn't melt. Boo.

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Jon in Albany said...

Maybe it's late, maybe I'm a little punchy...but a round pizza cut into squares made me laugh.

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