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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Imma Tell Ya Sump'n

Under no circumstances should you purchase, nor consume, Simpler Times Pilsner or Lager.

Just don't do it. Save your money and spare your taste buds the torture. We did it for you.

Of the two of us, M really is the one knowledgeable in beer and fermented goodness. So here are his thoughts -

There's nothing wrong with it - R bought it knowing it was cheap beer, so little can be expected from cheap beer. **NOTE: Simpler Times is made by Minhas Craft Brewery (Monroe,WI)** It's no Unibroue (which makes TJ's Vintage Ale), but then again, we still haven't tried their stuff yet. 
When asked to explain further, he refused. Because I apparently put him on the spot and he can't work under pressure. Anyways, I don't like it either. It's on par with Steel Reserve, which is disgusting. But it does the job and it's cheap. And sometimes that's all you need. 

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