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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas!

We were awoken by a chorus of "Ho ho ho's."

"It's Santa!" M cried. He put on his glasses and ran down the stairs. I decided to sleep in a while longer because well... waking up early really isn't my cup of tea. But I had a lot to do before we headed downstate, so I slowly made my way downstairs, hoping M started a pot of coffee.

No coffee, but there was a package by the fireplace with my name on it. What could it be?

A five quart Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer! So. Stoked.

I have plans. Big, big, big plans for this baby. I took a quick look through the accompanying manual/cook book and made a mental note of all the things that I'd want to try out. Onion mushroom tartlets? Hell yeah! Oh and milk bread... which would put all that milk in the fridge to good use (why I have so much milk in the fridge, I can't tell you... maybe I just knew).

I asked M what we should name it. His response?


Welcome to the family.

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Mr. Dave said...

Ha! Congrats. My first mixer was named Lurlissa. My latest one is Lurlenore.

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