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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Group Project!

I spotted this at Stewart's and thought "Oh my goodness! How wonderful and horrible!" It's the lazy person's dream come true - instead of slaving away in the kitchen for something to bring to the work party, you just have to whip this sucker out and done.

It just doesn't taste the same. It's got that we tried to make it taste like the stuff you make at home but then there's that whole shelf life thing. Too soft and too much marshmallow. And way too sweet. I can just see the dentists salivating at the carries these snacks can produce.

What if we had a craft-a-long of sorts? Go to your nearest Stewart's or store selling the sheets and make something with it. If you are so technologically inclined, post a picture. Send me an email with said picture and I can do a post with all of your creations.

Screw healthy. I want creativity! Tis the season... however it goes.


Jon in Albany said...

You can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl.

phairhead said...

Cookie cutter the hell out of it! And then add some chocolate drizzles, some sprinkles and BOOM you have breakfast

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