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Monday, November 19, 2012

Preparation For the Feast

M and I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving early this year. He unfortunately has to work the holiday and I am going home for the rest of the week. I originally planned for this HUGE fest and invite people to come over and gorge out on our vegetarian meal. 

But then I got lazy, and figured people wouldn't want to stay out late on a Monday night. So I scrapped that plan and figure hey... make a tofu turkey.

Then I saw the recipe. A two day affair? Pass.

I ended up making vegan oat burgers, which I plan to use for vegan stuffed cabbage rolls to bring home for Thanksgiving. It's actually pretty good, I may make this stuff more often.

M made some mac & cheese. I don't know why he's been on a M&C kick, but it's here and made it for dinner. I left him alone with that because I really don't think he would appreciate me looking over his shoulder making sure he's following the recipe correctly.

How'd it turn out? In M's words: "I can't follow a recipe."

Seasoning was an issue, but it was okay! Just couldn't eat too much of it. Oh well.

Maybe we'll try again for Christmas.

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