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Friday, November 16, 2012

I Tried. Really.

I've been spending my time at various libraries, mostly reading. Gotta keep that brain working you know. And focusing on the task at hand is just easier when I'm out of the house. Unfortunately, the library closes at 8, so I had to find another place to do my work. While a local coffee shop would be ideal, they aren't really any around. Starbucks, are. And they are open late.

I normally stick to teas there, because I think their coffee is crap. But I figured I was just not knowledged in all that is coffee and I know there are a few local bloggers who would chastise me on my choices (DD4lyfe!) I had about a hundred pages to knock out, so I gave it a go. I ordered a Cafe Misto, which is supposedly like a cafe au lait... a drink I happen to like. I also got a cookie. It was a snowman. Couldn't resist.

"Red or blue?"

Hahaha... can I get purple? No, didn't say that... but I thought it. Got the red one if you really wanted to know. (Obviously you can see which one I picked)

Thirty pages into my reading and I figured the coffee would be cool enough not to burn my mouth.

I'm sorry, but no. I do not like that Pike coffee. I do not like any of their coffees. Four sugar packets and it was barely drinkable. Barely. And the cookie, while cute, wasn't all that impressive. I was hoping it was royal icing but it was some chocolate derivative of some sort. But hey! I got a whopping ten cents off my coffee because I used my own mug!

I am sticking to the non-coffee things from there from now on.


Jon in Albany said...

I've got to agree. Blah, blah, blah dark roast. It's burnt.

Lilimonster said...

I remember years ago a friend of mine saying that Starbucks was nothing more than glorified sock water.

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