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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Turkey Trot Training: Week One & Post Run Snack


Well, I’m still at it. Most of my training is done on the treadmill at the gym, which is fine, but it’s completely different than running outside. For starters, I have people around me who mean well, but are very distracting. Such as talking to me while I’m trying to run. Hard to pay attention while alternating runs and walks. And then there is the changing speeds. Not that is too bad, but it’s all timing – when there’s a few seconds left before the change, I change the speeds and hope I don’t fly off the machine.

Anyways, so far, so good. Being that it’s Wednesday, I hit up the sauna after my run and tried my best to clear my head of the days events.


Snacked on this when I was done. I think they sell for a dollar at Target. It had a sweet and salty thing going on, which wasn’t bad. The cranberries kept sticking to my teeth, which was annoying. Would have been nicer if the portion was a little bit bigger, but according to the package, that was 2.5 servings. Nuts.

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Jon in Albany said...

I passed up a hotel treadmill for an outside run last week in Buffalo. Got bitten by a dog 4.8k into the workout. I told my doctor it was his fault. If he hadn't said to exercise 3 times a week, there wouldn't be teeth marks in my thigh.

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