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Friday, October 12, 2012

Carbs & Fat = Wonderful

Don't hate. It really hit the spot this morning during my fifteen break.


Daniel B. said...

This isn't hate. It's curiosity.

I tried one of these a while back from the Stewart's at the intersection of New Scotland and Whitehall. It must have been old because it had a dominant flavor of plastic wrap (yes, even after I unwrapped it).

Is this endemic to the form, or did I just get a bad specimen?

I was also floored with the amount of butter that came on the hard roll. It was quite literally a slab. If that were Pamplie, I would have been a very happy man indeed. However, mine didn't really taste like anything.

So subsequently I've been pretending that these don't exist. But if I'm wrong, it would be good to have another option at Stewart's besides ice cream when I'm feeling peckish.

Lilimonster said...

I think it was a bad specimen. I have been buying buttered rolls from the Stewart's near my house and they've been fine. Actually, I think they may be a bit conservative with their butter. But it was peachy and it's usually part of some combo thing (although their coffee is not my favorite)

There was no plastic flavorings - my butter tasted like butter; the roll tasted like a roll and wasn't stale. I haven't tried their other prepared rolls (PB, PB&J) but I think that's more because I think those belong on sliced bread, not rolls.

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