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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ice Cold Tofu

Here's the thing with posting pictures from my phone via email - I can send a picture and give the post a title, but I can't put content. So that means having to pull it up on my computer/tablet and working on it... when I get the chance to do so. And lately that has been a trickle.

But comments help. And Jon, thanks to your comment, here's the update.

Not too long ago, tofu was on sale at Chopper. Two for four, something along those lines, so I grabbed a bunch. This is the silken tofu, which I have only seen used for this. You can cut it up to look pretty, or you can be in nom nom mode and just cut it loose from its container and plop it on a plate. A splash of soy sauce, a little dribble of sesame seed oil, and a grind of pepper and you are set. This was M's vegetarian version, to mine I added some minced scallion and a generous helping of bonito flakes. 

Extremely easy to make, and perhaps the perfect snack when the weather is like this.

Go. Try it. You can thank me later.


Jon in Albany said...

More details! What is this? It looks good and if it has tofu in it, it must be healthy, right?

Jon in Albany said...

I'll have to try it sometime. I've been eating more tofu lately.

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