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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Spread the Word, My Dears

Saturday, June 16th - (Semi)National Lumpia Day
"Semi" meaning, of course, this little corner lot of ours.

Tell your friends, tell your family.. Tell R. We'll provide the wraps, deep fryer, and intimate backdrop.  All you need to bring are your pretty little faces, beer, any complementing sides you'd like, and whatever it is you want to stuff into a crispy fried roll. We will also have a professional asian on staff to help assist in your lumpia endeavors.

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Daniel B. said...

This is very exciting news. I put the date on the calendar. And Saturdays are typically good. Need to clear it with the boss who may be a bit strung out after my long solo trip to California.

Is this more noon to night or afternoon and evening?

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