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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinner Party

Albany Jane and John threw a dinner party of sorts, and I was one of the attendants. All food was made by the two of them, and guests for the most part brought bottles of wine. Good times, too bad M couldn't make it.

We are thinking of throwing one soon though. Given the good weather, it makes more sense to have people over and help us finish the contents of our fridge and cabinets. But I need a theme. A good theme. 

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...


Well, more of a loose interpretation of the dish. Everyone can bring things to wrap and fry. Others can make sauces.

Wrap & Fry Party! Nothing says warm weather like cold beer and hot fried foods (or maybe that's just me).

M said...

I second the cold beer.. and lumpia.

A plan for a lumpia party is in the works, but probably not for another month or so. Keep an eye here on the blog and on Facebook for details. I've been trying to convince R to commit to a date, but so far no luck. If anyone has any preference to that, feel free to let us know..!

Daniel B. said...

I'll be in SF between June 1-11 (assuming both my friends let me leave and I have the willpower to get on the return flight). And the Tour de Hard Ice Cream threatens to be one of the last Saturdays in May. If I had to guess, it would be the one immediately following Mothers' Day.

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