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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen PLAY SideCar Event: Jarlsberg Chili Cupcakes


Note: I was compensated for the ingredients used in this post

The folks over at Kitchen Play are holding a month-long event featuring Jarlsberg Dip. I was picked along with 28 other bloggers to try it out and offer a creative way to enjoy the dip. Savory cupcakes have been on my mind of late, so I offer to you a fun way to enjoy the Jarlsberg – in cupcake form!

Cake: I used cornbread. It's really up to you what you want to use -your favorite recipe; your favorite box mix - as long as it isn’t on the sweet side.


Frosting: I mixed the Jarlsberg dip and some cream cheese together and melted it in the microwave, checking every ten seconds to see if it was melted. The ratio of dip to cream cheese was about 1:1, or adjust to your liking. It should be the consistency of melted marshmallows (stringy, but not too runny).


Looks like a regular old cupcake, doesn’t it? Oh, those deceiving looks… who knew that cornbread and melted Jarlsberg would go well together? Not this gal, but I am glad I gave it a try.


Use your favorite chili recipe. This was a turkey chili recipe from a magazine article I clipped out many moons ago. I’d say the spicier, the better… but that’s just me. If chili doesn’t float your boat, how about some grilled onions and peppers?


I hope you give Jarlsberg cupcakes a try and let me know what you think. And if you like Jarlsberg, perhaps you’ll scoot on over to Kitchen Play (via the icon below) and see what other bloggers came up with.



Jon in Albany said...

These photos are fantastic and the cupcakes look great.

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea of a savory cupcake!

Jennifer @ Licious Food said...

Delish! I will be giving this a try!

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