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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Shortcut Wonton Soup

With all the food we had last night, I'm surprised I wanted to consume more, let alone think about cooking.

My NYE was low key - celebrated with family and Mags. M had to work last night, and from the sounds of it, not a very fun start to the year... work wise. I brought a couple dozen of those mini hot dogs the Capital Region is known for - complete with the mini buns and meat sauce. It was a huge hit, and one of my uncles has already requested to bring more the next time I go home.

I also ended up making wontons with the leftover lumpia filling I made for the work pig out. It just so happened I had some wonton wrappers in the freezer (one of those "just in case" purchases), and through trial and error, I finally remembered the right way to wrap them. Not really sure how to cook them, I decided to fry about a third of them, and save the rest just in case we didn't have enough food.

Yeah. What was I thinking?

We had tons of food. And forced all attendees to bring home at least two containers of food. Brunch this morning made a slight dent in what was left over, and once again bringing food home was pushed on people.

My parents won't eat all that food. Why waste it?

Anyways, I'm still at home, listening to the Steelers game and finishing up the last of my laundry. And not that I'm really hungry, but I needed to use those wontons. It would be wasteful to just let them sit there. And I've had wonton soup on the brain.

No recipes needed, just wontons and broth. Filled up a pot of water and added the corresponding bouillon amount to it. Brought to a boil and dropped in the wontons. Lowered the heat and covered. Kinda forgot about it because the Steelers game was that distracting (we won though!). Added pepper. Would have thrown in some scallions, but my grandma used the rest of it for the pancit I made for brunch. Definitely hit the spot.
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