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Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Brown Bag (Troy, NY)


 Before I had to go across the river for some late night/night out eating. Now it looks like I won’t have to.
I found out about The Brown Bag when I spotted their menu on one of the windows at Footsy Magoos. Not that you really need to know this bit of info, but M found out about this place because there was a menu taped at eye level above the urinal in the bathroom (one of the best marketing efforts we’ve experienced, in my opinion).Even though we had already had dinner, I suggested we go anyways and check it out.

The space is sparsely furnished – there’s some built in seating along the window front and a handful of small tables, and just enough chairs for these tables. We walked in and all the tables were occupied with students chatting and playing board games. So it’s kinda got that coffee shop vibe going. If you can’t find a table, you can always sit at the counter, which is what M and I ended up doing. I actually preferred sitting there, because I got better view of the cooking.

I'm not really sure the name of the guy running the counter, but I want to say it's Josh (I swear that's what I heard, and it's one of the names listed on their Facebook page.) He takes your orders, tends to your bill, and will take a picture of your sweatshirt because there’s a terrapin on it and he had to send it to his friend because that guy’s a Maryland fan or doesn’t like them (I didn’t catch that part.) Awesome. As if you were at someone’s apartment and were just hanging out. Just seemed very laid back, playing music from an ipod, cranking up the volume when a good song would play. More and more it made me feel like this was my kind of place.


 So I guess this place used to be a pizza joint? If that’s the case, it was a long time ago, because I don’t remember anything ever open there. I just remember the Chinese place, but how can you not with that huge sign? Josh had mentioned if we knew anyone that was interested in one. Um… yes. Me. Too bad I don’t have the space.


 Aside from the big pizza oven, is a grill and six range stovetop. On the stove was a large pot that was being used as a fryer, and some various grill and frying pans. The grill I envy. I covet. I want, I want. No, it’s not realistic, but neither is a pizza oven.


This is Terry Matthews. He’s the owner/grill man. And even though he was busy, he did stop for a second to chat with us. Even though the conversation was brief, he seemed pretty cool. When our food was ready, we paid the bill (which I almost forgot… whoops) and headed home.


 M’s grilled cheese. I’m pretty sure it was real butter Terry used for the bread, but I don’t know what kind of cheese. American most likely. And you can also see the grill marks… I’m impressed. Not something you usually see.


 Burgers looked like the popular choice, so I went with that. I would have ordered fries as well, but I had some for dinner and didn’t think my stomach could handle the spud overload. The patty looked to be about hockey puck size. At least it looked to me how big a hockey puck should be. Anyways, they weren’t skinny discs of meat – they looked hand made, and for some reason made me think about that bit Eddie Murphy did back when he was funny a comedian about McDonalds hamburgers. Would I ever be  compelled to dance around singing “I got a burger?” No, but possibly if I had just enough alcohol in my system. And even then it would be in private so no one would know… expect for the people reading this and have already guessed that yeah, it could happen.

The burger wasn’t bad, although next time I probably won’t ask for cheese. And even though I had eaten not too long before that, the burger really hit the spot. Burgers cost $3.50, for one dollar more you can have bacon or a fried egg on top, $2.00 for the grilled cheese. Maybe I’d try a burger with the fried egg, but it would have to be really fried… don’t like runny yolks.

Grilled cheese, burger, and large coffee came out to $7.25.

The Brown Bag
156 4th Street Troy, NY 12180
Open Monday – Sunday 9:00PM – 6:00AM
Cash, Visa, Mastercard


Jon in Albany said...

Place sounds great.

I've got McDonald's.....and you ain't got none. That was a funny bit.

Anonymous said...

It's cash only so far, they're waiting for a line to be installed before they can take credit cards.

Lilimonster said...

Post updated. Thanks!

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