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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Internet-less Life

Hey. I'm actually posting on my computer. Not at home, but at Panera.

It's been a while since I've been here. Enjoying some Hazelnut coffee, with half and half and two packets of sugar in the raw. I'm at that point in my cup where I've finally hit that sugar layer, and it's sweeter than I'd like. But I drink through, to make room for more coffee. I hope they haven't taken the coffee away just yet.

I need more coffee.

I must admit, this is a lot better than having to write on my phone (my poor thumbs were cramping up!)

So I didn't like such a mooch, I went the you-pick-two route - mac & cheese and french onion soup. I really need to stop getting the M&C. It's too cheesy for my cheese sensitive stomach. FOS was salty. But the coffee made it all better.

And speaking of coffee, I think it's time for a fill up. Plus, it's almost nine, and they'll be closing. Should I mosey on over to Starbucks? Eh... I have to see Bones. I may not have internet at home, but at least I still have cable.

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