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Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Fix a Jammed DVD Drive Tray

I managed to fix my jammed DVD drive tray by opening the console, removing the drive, as well as the top and bottom metal housing. The drive was sticking and needed to be nudged every time to open properly, which was becoming a pain. A bottle of alcohol and can of WD40 was all that was needed. I cleared out all the dust, lubed up most the moving parts (only avoiding the drive belt, that wouldn't be good if it got greased up). The ejection bar was the problem, I think. Dirt mixed in with the stock grease (which by now is 4 years old) and made it difficult to lift the laser mechanism up to the disc, and release the tray. There are a few access holes that I swabbed with a WD40 soaked Q-tip, letting the excess flow down where it was needed. I manually ejected a few times by pushing the ejection bar horizontally and it seemed to loosen right up.

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