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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Game Day Eats: The Roethliswiener


Okay, so I’m a little behind on starting this. But starting on week 3 isn’t too bad… right? I may not have talked about it too much on the blog, but I am a big Steelers fan. And on game days I thought it would be fitting if I tried to make some popular Pittsburgh foods to snack on for game time.

So, to start things off… my very loose interpretation of Jim Shearer’s Roethliswiener.

Does he look familiar? Well, he does the Top 20 Countdown for Vh1. Before that he was a VJ on MTV2 (I never watched it… did you?). The last few years he has been doing a series on Youtube called Yinz Luv ‘Da Stillers, which is in limbo this season (rats!)  


I mentioned earlier I made a loose interpretation of the RW. Loose because I kind of forgot to pick up some tomatoes and onions… but everything else holds true. Hoagie rolls, spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut, and kielbasa.


It was a little too warm to turn the oven on, so I cooked the kielbasa in a grill pan. I wasn’t too sure if they were cooked all the way through, so I ended up butterflying all of them. Of course I took a look at the cooking directions after I started cooking, and noticed I got it a tad wrong. To compensate, I threw some water in the pan, causing the steam effect.

While this was going, I toasted up the rolls and kraut. Thin layer of mustard on the bread, a good portion of kraut, kielbasa, and more mustard. Now if I had remembered he tomatoes and onions, they would fit in there before the mustard topping. Next time.


So good

I was apprehensive about making the Roethliswiener – what if I made it and they lost? And they almost did… they almost did! To the Manning-less Colts no less. But they won, with a Suisham field goal. That game wasn’t the prettiest, but hopefully they’ll learn their lesson and stop being so damn predictable.

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Jon in Albany said...

My brother in-law is a Steelers fan. I never really got into football. Nice to see the Bills doing well though.

The site I that taught me about the bacon explosion, also did a Ben Roethlis-Burger. You might like that for some Sunday.

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