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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Fresh Market’s Seafood Bar


boo. hiss. bad fresh market. what was sacrificed for your space? jewish deli, peter wong’s, antique mall, barber shop.

for what? what? a store that sells items you can buy half a mile down the street. and for cheaper!

what do you have to say for yourself… huh?

oh. a seafood bar? well, I suppose that’s okay.


smoked salmon salad. flaked smoked salmon, mayo, scallions, some other things. tasted weird. ended up giving this one away it was that unappealing.


tuna seaweed salad. the closest I’ll get to poke out here on the east coast. good. really good. I hope they sell this at the latham fresh market, otherwise, I’ll have to go back to fm next time I’m home.

the seafood bar is a little pricey, I think 7.99 a pound. I paid a little over 4 bucks for the two.

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