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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Hurricane Thoughts

I may take this back, but people are going a little bit overboard with this “preparing for disaster” stuff. M and I went to Chopper to grab things to make for dinner, and the place was pretty busy. But not what you expect – they were mostly college students, which makes sense, since they just moved in and their cafeterias will be closed until Monday.

The first thing I noticed? All the bagels were gone. No bagels, but loads of donuts… because when I think stranded, I think of a toasted everything bagel as my go to for sustenance. There was also a long line at the deli counter, which could be weather related, or just be a college student thing.

There was milk and eggs and water… at least I think so. Didn’t need any of that. But I did pick up some beef, sausage, and frozen dinners. It’s a love/hate thing I have with them, but eh, something both M and I can both enjoy. I did see the small franks from Hembolds, with the matching buns and meat sauce right next to it. I was thisclose to picking some up, but figured I should save it for another weather emergency.

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