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Saturday, August 27, 2011

No. 83


He doesn’t look a day over 73. Here are some shots from my grandfather’s birthday party this past weekend.


Even though the party was at my parent’s house, my grandparents made a majority of the food. It’s their thing, and nobody’s complaining. Normally I help my grandma make the pancit, but my aunt beat me to it. Note the step stool she’s standing on – it’s absolutely necessary when cooking with that huge pot.


Both my dad and uncle shared the job of manning the grill. My dad marinated chicken wings and ribs which were insanely tender. There was pinakurat for pork immersion, but also some lechon sauce since my uncle cooked up some shoulder lechon style. Oh my goodness that skin…. so… wow.

The great thing with that lechon sauce is the stew you can make the next day. Sauce + leftover lechon + tricks up the sleeves = lechon paksiw. Sadly, the pork didn’t make it. We wuz hungrie.

And as much as I would love to go on and on and about all the food (this still is a food blog for the most part) and give each food shot a chance to shine, M pointed out that it would make for a pretty lengthy post and may cause you readers to lose interest. We wouldn’t want that now… would we?


And of course I have to mention the drinks. Ain’t no party like a Filipino party when all the uncles get lasing. Tipsy, nice and toasty… feeling alright. They did a good job of cleaning up my dad’s bar, and all the more reason to help him restock it. I think they were tackling mostly whiskey. I’m not all that sure since I stuck to soda. I don’t know who brought the Corona, but there was a lot of it. And no, we don’t to the lime/lemon wedges… we just drink.


The next day along with the leftovers were foods we didn’t even get to – mussels, shrimp, grilled sardines, menudo, and so on. It’s amazing how much food we had that morning, and it was all gone by noon. Just in time for another get together.

Where there was even more food.

Busog na ako.

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Albany Jane said...

Haaaapppyyy birthday! That spread looks awesome. I wish my family cooked more at parties and events, seems like so much fun!

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