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Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Counter/Storage Space


One of M’s co-workers got a new table for her kitchen, and gave us her old, slightly broken one. With a little tinkering, M got it in tip top shape.

This was a surprise at first – M and I were out doing errands when he mentioned we needed to stop by H’s house and pick something up. Wouldn’t say what it was, other than “you’ll see.” It was in the garage, where it was stored in pieces. Still had no idea what it was until we found the table top. I saw that it was all wood and started saying how it would be great for rolling out dough, when I figured it out. M will confirm this, but I did do the whole gasp/jaw drop thing.

So here it is. It’s on wheels, allowing us to move it away for the cabinets it is currently blocking. This is the back of the table, which has the three shallow shelves, perfect for smaller kitchen items. The other side has a cabinet which is now full of my baking items, and two drawers full of eating/cooking utensils.

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Greg said...

so awesome. more counter space is always a good thing. my aunt was...getting rid of some stuff and i wound up with an 8 foot marble slab that has been waiting to be installed for almost a year now. some day!

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