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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Garden in the Alley


In the same alley Chatham Brewery is located is a small garden. This is how I should have planned out mine. Commence jealousy.


Raised garden, with gravel filled walkways. For a small space, they really maximized the growing area, both on the ground and upward.


Makeshift trellis for those growing vegetables! The majority of the vegetables in this garden were of the Asian variety, and it seems like the building that the garden is behind is a Chinese restaurant. It just has that feel… and there were those bags with the Chinese characters along the trellis. I’m pretty sure they had yard long beans, fuzzy gourd, calabasa, and ampalaya.


I tried growing bitter melon from seed. Never germinated. My dad had better luck, but he got some plants from friends.


Look how nice their tomato plants are! And they were full of fruit, something I wish some of the larger tomato plants could emulate. These tomatoes were planted in large planters, and makeshift Styrofoam ones. Pretty much everything in this garden was makeshift – the boards for the raised garden, the wood for the trellis, even the cages in the tomato planters. Very cool.

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