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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Foodbuzz Tastemaker Series: Birds Eye Chef Favorites


As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received not one, but four Birds Eye Chef Favorites to try out. And seeing that these were frozen vegetable sides, it was something perfect for M to review.


Any of these make for a great easy, fast meal. We started with the mushroom and green bean risotto, which I really liked. For a frozen meal that I had to put almost no work into creating it was pretty amazing. Seriously, I didn’t even have to vent the bag, just place it in the microwave facedown, set the timer (times vary depending on microwave power settings), and in a few minutes I had a tasty meal. The rice and veggies were all cooked through. It had a very definite mushroom flavor which R picked up on, so if you’re not into mushrooms it may not be for you.


The roasted red potatoes and green beans were also pretty surprising. The potatoes were cooked perfectly. I was also surprised that the beans also didn’t have too much of that microwaved-frozen-veggie taste I’m used to when cooking frozen vegetables in the microwave. And again, for taking no more than a few minutes of my time and only enough effort to throw the bag from the freezer into the microwave, it was definitely well worth the investment.

The spinach would work well with other ingredients or as part of another recipe, though the sauce might interfere depending on what you’re making. The primavera vegetable risotto seemed much creamier than the mushroom risotto, and the flavors of the vegetables seemed to all blend together. That being said, it felt heartier than the other selections and would be a great choice for a eat-then-out-the-door meal.

Overall I really enjoyed these selections. I only wish I had these available to me during and directly after college. They’re easily more nutritious than ramen noodles, and even easier to make.

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