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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Subway Breakfast


You too can get a morning meal for under four dollars.


I’ve heard about Subway offering breakfast, but I never thought about checking it out because I’m not really a Subway fan. I came close though, in Puerto Rico… but I ended up finding a DD and their .99 cent menu (hey continental US? You really need to adopt that menu).

Bacon, egg, and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin. Of course, the egg and bacon are already pre-cooked, and after assembly they are thrown into the microwave thing to be warmed up. You get two options for the eggs – white or yellow. White, I was told was for “low fat,” because it’s just the whites. Yellow, was for “flavor,” because it had yolks. They’re about the size of a tea cup plate and you get half of that for your sandwich. The bacon was both smoky and sweet, which was surprisingly tasty. For cheese you get the option of American, Swiss, or Provolone.


I also ordered hash browns with my meal, a buck gets you four that are about two inches in diameter. Also zapped in their machine thing, but it wasn’t soggy. There was a crunch, even if it was a slight one.

They only thing I was disappointed with was the coffee. They serve Seattle’s Best, how many varieties of it I’m not sure. Either they made it wrong, of I just didn’t fix it to my liking. I’m going to say the fault is on me.

Sandwich, coffee, and hash browns came out to $3.78 (tax included).

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