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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Puerto Rico Getaway Part 2: First Meal


Travelling down to Puerto Rico wasn’t too bad, but I sure was hungry. And the heat that hits you as you step off of the plane doesn’t help matters either.

One of the first things I did after arriving was eat. My parents picked me up from the airport and as we were driving back to the resort I said my usual “I’m STARVING! What’s good to eat?” They mentioned Wendy’s, DD’s, and other chains that I didn’t care for. My mom mentioned a local place that was across the street from the hotel, and that some of the wedding guests were frequenting (mostly for drinks). I wish I remembered the name of the place, but from what I was told, they served some good authentic Puerto Rican food.


Horrible picture, but that is a mango mojito. I drank lots of mojitos while in Puerto Rico, but it was necessary. I should have been paying attention when the bartender was mixing this up, but it seemed like he mashed both the mango and mint together. I think they need to invest in some bubble tea straws, because the mango and mint kept clogging mine.

Because we had the welcome barbeque later that evening, ordering was light – tostones and relleno de platanos for the plantain fix. The tostones were on the dry side, and I gave up on those after the first piece. The relleno de platanos however, was much more enjoyable. It was made with sweet plantains and stuffed with crab meat. These disappeared quickly.


Rice and beans. I had to. And I don’t regret it because it was good. Good enough for me consider ordering another one, but deciding against it because I was going to be eating again soon. Besides, I needed to hit up the beach.


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