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Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, Memorial Day?


I celebrated. Just me… and the grill.


That last Monday in May is supposed to be the kickoff to summer. If you were out at any point on that day, you surely got a whiff of lighter fluid and grilled meats. It seemed like all the houses around me were partaking in lighted delights, and I had to do the same.

The thing I’ve noticed since I started living with M is how little meat I eat now. Shame, since I do have a bit of a carnivorous appetite. M went back to Michigan for a week, and I certainly made up for lost meat time.


I took the easy route and picked up some store made burgers from Price Chopper. Along with two plain, I also ordered a Swiss portabella and grilled onion burger. And I’d love to tell you that things went well – that I grilled those babies up and had a grand old time. But no, my luck doesn’t play out like that.

Grill. Flip. Grill. Slide onto plate. That’s how it was for the first burger. But the second? That sliding onto a plate ended up being flinging onto the ground and cursing to no one in particular while brushing off the pine needles and running back in side. It was still salvageable, so I cut off the ground touched side and gave it to Emma. No complaints from her. 


Clams were also on sale… well, they seemed reasonably priced. A quick scrub, and onto the grill. Something to remember for next time – don’t overload the grill or there will be excessive clam juice spillage.


So good. And I didn’t need melted butter. Perfect just the way it was.


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