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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Newtons Fruit Thins


As a part of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program, I received a package of these cookies to try and write about.

So Nabisco went and turned those fig bars into a crisp cookie. In some ways, I like it better this way – the bars get mushy, the fruit tends to stick to teeth. Not to mention you should always have a drink standing by to wash it all down.


Looks like a fancier cookie. These are fig and honey flavored, and you can see some streaks of what I’m guessing is fig in it. They remind me of gingersnap cookies, both in look and taste. I don’t know why the taste reminds me of a gingersnap, but it does. Didn’t really taste any fig in them, but M said like the old Fig Newtons, the fig in these still stick to his teeth.


As luck would have it, I received these cookies during that week long heat spell, and something cool was definitely needed. I still had some Raspberry ice cream I picked up from Stewarts, so ice cream sandwiches it was. Good pairing. And since I still have some of these thins left over, I’m thinking I’ll incorporate them into another dessert. A trifle perhaps?

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