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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

How to Cook Everything Project: Bread Pudding


I may not be the best at baking bread, but I sure can cook with it.

So far I’ve made this recipe three times. The first time was when M and I finally invited people over to the house. The second was for Albany Jane’s potluck in the park. And I just made up another double batch to bring in to work tomorrow (they’ve been complaining I talk about cooking, but never share with them).

I’ll admit it – I haven’t really tried it. I had a bite or two, and it wasn’t bad. Everyone else that’s had it loves it. M definitely does, as he finished up the rest of the tray from the picnic. We’ll see what my co-workers think tomorrow.


Bread – A Panera loaf. I’m guessing it was an Oat Wheat? Got it from my bread connection. I used half of the bread (I doubled the recipe), which when cut into cubes, turned out to be two cups more than I needed. But I used it all anyways… the more the better, right?


Milk, Butter, Cinnamon, Sugar –
The milk was warmed up enough so that the butter could melt completely. Sugar and cinnamon was thrown in and after a little mixing, was poured over the bread cubes. Simple, easy. The first time I made it I rushed and had the heat on higher than it should have, causing the liquid to bubble over and spill everywhere. The melted butter I’ve found causes the cinnamon to clump, and I had to scrape those clumps into the baking dish. Not really a big deal, but a bit annoying.


Eggs – The remainder of the liquid… or maybe straight up goo? The recipe has the eggs lightly beaten and then added to the milk soaked bread cubes. I guess this is to prevent the eggs from curdling when added to somewhat warm milk. When I first tried this recipe, I didn’t stir it in well enough, and it was pretty evident – there was a yellow layer on the top of the pudding. Since then, I’ve used bigger baking pans and two spoons to help incorporate the eggs. I was a little worried stirring it up so much would break up the bread, but those sucker stayed strong.


Baking  - Water bath baking… bain-marie. I like the Frenchness of bain-marie, so that’s what I’ll go with. Hot oven, bread pudding baking dish inside of another baking dish and hot water to the halfway point. Sixty minutes later and hello creamy bready goodness.




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Jon in Albany said...

Not sure if it was in this book or one of Bittman's others -I think he combined 3 books into this one- but I followed his instructions for sauteed mushrooms and they were awesome. Very simple recipe, I just need the push in the right direction. Anyhow, have no fear about bringing your bread pudding to work. It is good.

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