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Friday, June 24, 2011

Garden Meal


Only half of this came from the backyard. And I’m sure you can guess which half that is.


The lettuce that the previous owners planted (remember that lettuce I posted two days ago?) is thriving. The stuff I bought and have growing in planters have pretty much faltered. All that’s left is one buttercrunch and 1.5 red oak. I also have arugula in planters and it’s doing pretty well. I may have let them go too long before I did some “pruning” and they seem to be growing outward. After harvesting one head of lettuce, I went and thinned out the loose leaf ones… making sure I didn’t overdo it. The heavy rains caused them to be quite muddy and (ick) buggy. So I left the job of cleaning the salad greens for M. One thorough washing and two quick rinses before being thrown in the salad spinner.


Royal Oak, Red Oak, Buttercrunch, and arugula. I was thinking about making a dressing, but time was a factor, so I went with some Tuscan dressing I picked up at Honest Weight. Grated cheese and some ground pepper to finish.


If you were curious what cheese I used. Picked it up at Honest Weight.


But salad was not enough for a meal. I raided the pantry and veggie drawer to make this quick pasta. Sautéed garlic and diced tomato, added a splash of balsamic vinegar, salt and sugar and cooked it down until the sauce began to thicken. Mixed in the al dente pasta and topped with more shredded cheese.

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