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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Capital Region Meat Market Suggestions

Thanks to DelSo, I have tacked on shop at meat markets to my "Things I Must Do As Capital" You can't help but respect a woman who buys five pounds of bacon.

So Falvo's is a must, as well as Rolff's. And then there's the Latham Meat Market, which I always go by and say I'll go in... but never do.

So my fellow CRers... what else should I add onto the meat market list?

(In no particular order)

1. Falvo Meats
2. Latham Meat Market
3. Rolf's Pork Store


phairhead said...

Sal's Meat Market in Rotterdam

MsGarlic said...

We drove by Falvo's the other day and wondered about it!

Jon in Albany said...

You're not missing much at the Latham Meat Market. I'd say you would be better off at the Fresh Market or Roma's in Latham although both can be hit or miss.

Phairhead is right about Sal's. I think it is a throwback to another time. Looked exactly the same in 1996 when I moved up here, probably looked the same in the 80s....Greulich's is a neat little market. I have never been to the newer Fred The Butcher, but Fred has passed away and I don't know if it is still open. The kosher section of the Price Chopper on Central near 155 can have some interesting things. Wasn't that impressed with a stop by The Meat House in Clifton Park. Cardonna's has a nice meat counter too although I'm pretty sure one of their head butchers is at the Fresh Market now. If not, he's got a twin.

Very important trick to Rolff's: if you want fresh pork belly, call on Tuesday. They get it delivered some time on Wednesday and if you call to late it is already in their bacon brine.

The meat markets I've been meaning to get around to are the newer Halal ones in Schenectady down on Broadway. Driven by a few times but never stopped.

I should probably eat more vegetables...

phairhead said...

to piggy back off of Jon.....we've had chicken from the halal market on broadway in Sch'dy and it is AMAZING. you pick it, they kill it.

Lilimonster said...

phairhead - you pick it, they kill it? They're alive? Oooh.

llcwine said...

I've enjoyed Fred the Butcher has been a hit or miss, as has Rte 66 in Wynantskill and Henry's in Waterford.

phairhead said...

Yup live ducks, chickens & rabbits

DelSo said...

Thanks for the mention - and their bacon is really good. Get some!

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